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Children of Heroes is a Ukrainian NGO which provides long-term psychological support and humanitarian assistance to more than 6000 children who have lost one or both parents in the war in Ukraine. Many of these children have experienced severe trauma.

The Fund assists in six key areas: psychological support, legal support, financial aid, medical care, emergency assistance and socialization. The organization supports children with immediate and long-term support that they need throughout their childhood to lead happy and successful lives.

Dentons has been working with Children of Heroes since 2022 to help fund therapy, education and social integration of Ukrainian children.

They have now asked us for support in helping to fund their Warmth for Children project to provide blankets, winter clothes, heaters and firewood to give 3300 Ukrainian children and their families protection from the harsh winter. Every donation makes a difference. For example, €17 can pay for a hat or scarf, €28 can pay for a pack of 30 body warmers, €55 can provide warm footwear, €82 can provide warm winter clothing, and €325 can provide a child’s family with firewood for the whole winter.

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