Mamas Alliance

MAMAS Alliance is a network of 33 independent autonomous grassroots organizations, operating from 75 sites across South Africa to provide structural and practical daily care to the most vulnerable and needy children. This grassroots level network has been created among organizations receiving support from Kinderfonds MAMAS, an NPO based in the Netherlands which raises funds for childcare organizations in South Africa. The Alliance wants to make a real and sustainable change through a network of MAMAs across the country that reach millions of children who would otherwise face a hopeless future.

The Refugee, Unaccompanied, Migrant and Stateless Children Project
The project focuses on providing additional encouragement and expertise to undocumented parents and children, to secure certification and assist them on a path to becoming documented. MAMA Annelie has undertaken various cases on undocumented children. She also organises training sessions for child and youth care workers at the MAMAs organizations.

Breede Valley APD
Children and youth with disabilities often get side lined and forgotten because people do not know how to help and support them on a long term basis. Breede Valley APD developed the day-care program called ‘Partners for Life’ in which they committed to provide lifetime support and loving care to these children and youth. In the villages of Worcester, Zwelethemba, De Doorns, Rawsonville and Touws Rivier in Western Cape, Breede Valley APD takes care of this vulnerable group. The children’s handicaps vary; some are blind, visually impaired or deaf, others have Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, are autistic or have Down syndrome. The MAMAS offer them love and care and teach them how to independently take care of themselves. With healthy nutrition, therapy and lots of personal attention, these children show incredible growth.

Vegetable gardens
The Alliance has supported local MAMAs by planting thousands of vegetable gardens at their homes. This has been a great success, as it provided thousands of extremely poor families in South Africa with access to healthy nutrition for their family every day. The MAMAs have been able to sell the surplus fruit and vegetables on the local market to earn an extra income. The vegetable gardens have made many of the people feel independent again, after months of being dependent on receiving food parcels. In addition to the parent(s), children also receive education in growing fruit and vegetables, a knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Our target is to raise €5000 to support the above project through individual and Firm donations.

750 €