L'Envol France

L'Envol France

L’Envol, founded in 1994, is a recognized association that offers exceptional free holiday camps for children suffering from serious illnesses. Sick children often have to face obstacles and constraints that prevent them from participating in leisure activities due to their illness. As a result, they may feel excluded, stigmatized or isolated by their peers. By organizing adapted, carefully designed leisure outings and fun holidays, the association has encouraged sick children and young adults to gain resilience, strength and self-confidence to fight their illness, and to escape the reality of their everyday struggles for a short while. The camps offer a life-changing experience and a lasting impact, not only for the sick children that are able to join but also for their families.

For almost 25 years, L'ENVOL has been applying the concept of recreational therapy to promote the psychological and social development of sick children and their families. Since 1997, L’Envol has welcomed more than 7,500 children and families in their programs.

Our target is to raise €8000-10000 through individual and Firm donations to support L’Envol’s holiday camps.


2,920 €